Knightsbridge ~ Classic but modern solid oak hardwood furniture

Knightsbridge Oak is constructed from 100% solid oak timbers utilising finger joints on drawers, shelves and back panels. This beautiful, quality oak furniture collection has subtle style details featuring curved corners and edges with a smart groove inset into table and cabinet tops. The relaxed tones of the oak hardwood are complemented with a soft matt lacquer finish and soilid brass handles.

Knightsbridge Oak Bed
The knightsbridge oak double bed is crafted using traditional methods and features an elegant slatte..
Knightsbridge Oak Bedside
Knightsbridge oak bedside with 3 drawers. Width:48.1cm Height:61cm Depth:43.2cm..
Knightsbridge Oak Blanket Box
The knightsbridge oak blanket box with lid is surprisingly spacious and is perfect for many settings..
Knightsbridge Oak Chest
Knightsbridge oak chest of 2+2 drawers. Width:89.2cm Height:77cm Depth:43.2cm..
Knightsbridge Oak Chest
Knightsbridge Oak Chest With 6 Drawers Width:120cm (47in 1/2) Height:78cm (31in) Dept..
Knightsbridge Oak Chest
Knightsbridge Oak Shest With 2 Over Of 3 Drawers Width:90cm (35in 1/2) Height:89cm (35in ..
Knightsbridge Oak Chest of Drawers
Knightsbridge oak chest of 2+4 drawers. Width:90cm Height:120cm Depth:43cm ..
Knightsbridge Oak Coffee Table
Knightsbridge Oak Coffee Table with 2 drawers and 1 shelves Width:108cm (43in) Height:50c..
Knightsbridge Oak Console Table
The knightsbridge oak console table features a handy shelf and surprisingly large storage with 2 dra..
Knightsbridge Oak Corner TV Unit
Knightsbridge oak corner TV unit with 2 shelves and and two drawers. Width:117.3cm Height:65cm D..
Knightsbridge Oak Dining Chairs
Knightsbridge oak extending dining table matches these oak dining chairs which have dark brown faux ..
Knightsbridge Oak Dining Table
Knightsbridge oak extending dining table has a butterfly mechanism and one central leaf, which is st..
Knightsbridge Oak Display Cabinet
The knightsbridge oak glass display cabinet with drawer is an imposing and well built piece perfectl..
Knightsbridge Oak Dressing Table
Knightsbridge Oak Dressing Table with 1 drawer and 1 door Width:120cm (47in 1/2) Height:7..
Knightsbridge Oak Gallery Mirror
Knightsbridge oak gallery mirror. Width: Height: Depth:..
Knightsbridge Oak King Size Bed
The knightsbridge oak king size bed is crafted using traditional methods and features an elegant sla..
Knightsbridge Oak Lamp Table
The knightsbridge oak lamp table with 1 drawer and 1 shelf is a compact and versatile piece that is ..
Knightsbridge Oak Large Bookcase
Knightsbridge oak large bookcase with 4 shelves and 1 drawer All shelves in this bookcase are fixed ..
Knightsbridge Oak Large dresser
Knightsbridge oak large dresser top with 2 glass doors and 3 drawers. Width:143cm Height:108cm ..
Knightsbridge Oak Large Mirror
Knightsbridge oak large wall mirror can be hung either portrait or landscape. Width:65cm (26in) He..
Knightsbridge Oak Large TV Unit
Knightsbridge oak small TV unit has holes at the back of the right hand section for wires. The shelf..
Knightsbridge Oak Medium Mirror
Knightsbridge oak medium wall mirror can be hung either portrait or landscape. Width:60cm (24in) H..
Knightsbridge Oak Sideboard
Knightsbridge oak small sideboard has an adjustable shelf within the cupboard 2 drawers and 2 doors...
Knightsbridge Oak Sideboard
Knightsbridge Oak Large Sideboard with 6 drawers and 2 doors Width:143cm (56in 1/2) Heigh..
Knightsbridge Oak Small Bookcase
Knightsbridge Oak Small Bookcase with 3 shelves and 2 drawers Width:95cm (37in 1/2) Heigh..
Knightsbridge Oak Small TV Unit
Knightsbridge Oak Small TV Unit With 1 Door And 2 Shelves Width:98.9cm (39in) Height:60cm..
Knightsbridge Oak Table Nest
The knightsbridge oak nest of tables is a massively versatile piece designed for you living room. W..
Knightsbridge Oak Table Stool
Knightsbridge Oak Dressing Table Stool Width:48cm (19in) Height:51.5cm (20in 1/2) Dep..
Knightsbridge Oak Table&Stool
Knightsbridge oak dressing table and dressing table stool with 1 drawer and 1 door by right hand sid..
Knightsbridge Oak Wardrobe
Knightsbridge Oak Wardrobe with 2 doors and 1 drawer Width:100cm (39in 1/2) Height:185cm ..
Knightsbridge Oak Wellington
Knightsbridge oak 5 drawers of wellington. Width:51.6cm Height:120cm Depth:43.2cm..